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Benleux Clubs

All active Benelux clubs below 

Amsterdam Gaelic Athletic Club was founded on St. Patrick’s Day 2003 and over the past 13 years the club has grown into one of Europe’s leading GAA clubs.
Amsterdam GAC consists of Gaelic Football, Hurling and Camogie teams. Both Mens and Ladies teams compete in European tournaments across the Benelux and central European region.
All of our teams have enjoyed great success in recent times. The Men’s Footballers have won the Benelux Regional championship (2012, 2015, 2016) and the Premier European 15-a-side Championship (2014, 2015, 2016). As a result, Amsterdam have represented Europe in the Leinster Junior Football Championship (2014, 2015, 2016).
We train every week and we are always looking for new players to join. Please see our website for more details.

Amsterdam GAA

The Netherlands

Est 2003
Cologne’s first official GAA Club. You can play Gaelic Football, hurling and camogie. Everybody is welcome at the Celts – no matter what experience or skill level you have! Besides sports, we also offer the opportunity to learn more about Irish culture, learn the Irish language (Gaeilge) or just have fun together – from celebrations during the world-famous Kölner Karneval, karaoke nights at our great friends and sponsors, Jameson Irish Pub at the heart of Cologne, to barbecues, and game nights.

Cologne Celtics


Est 2012
Men’s Gaelic and Hurling has been played in The Hague since the last 1970’s. As a result of the activities of the GAA it was decided that an official Irish Club~Netherlands be created thus including all age groups and interests. The club was founded on 25 October 1984 in Sassenheim a city outside of Den Haag.

Den Haag GAA

The Nethelands

Est 1979
Known as the EC GAELIC CLUB / BRUSSELS, the club has been in existence since about 1980 – started out as primarily a men’s senior club – but has evolved in recent years into a club specialising in GAA Football training for young boys & girls who live in & around Brussels. All nationalities are welcome!

EC Brussels


Est 1980
Eindhoven Shamrocks GAA club was founded in 2013 to cater for the large Irish expat community that had settled in Eindhoven and the surrounding areas. Eindhoven Shamrocks GAA club is one of five GAA clubs in the Netherlands, the others being Amsterdam, Den Haag, Masstricht and Holland Ladies. Over the past four years the club has gone from strength to strength attracting players of all levels and nationalities. Our aim as a club is to provide members who play Gaelic Games in Eindhoven with the best possible opportunity to develop as players, coaches, administrators and referees allowing all members to fulfil their sporting potential.

Eindhoven Shamrocks

The Netherlands

Est 2013
Groningen Gaels was established in September 2018 by a group of students studying in the city. We currently have around 30-40 active members in the club. The club is growing very quickly with the growing Irish community in the Groningen in the north of the Netherlands. Our club colours are white and green and we play in our brand new O’Neiils mens and ladies jerseys. We train usually at the weekends and with matches against other European teams every month or two. The clubs members are mainly students who study in the city but there is also working people members of the club. We welcome all nationalities and anyone over the age of 18! We train and play hard but we also organise social events within the club like nights out and team bonding evenings. Contact us via email or find us on our facebook or instagram pages “Groningen Gaels”. Come join one of the fastest growing GAA teams in Europe!

Groningen Gaels

The Netherlands

Est 2018
Luxembourg has always laid claim to being at the heart of Europe, now it can confidently lay claim to being at the heart of European GAA. Long renowned for being one of the founders of the EU, and seat of many of its institutions, the club itself – Gaelic Sports Club Luxembourg – can point to itself as a Gaelic games institution on the continent. Founded in 1978, and fielding teams in all four codes, Gaelic Sports Club Luxembourg has enjoyed great success over the years, most recently, European Championship wins for our Hurling and Camógie teams.

Luxembourg GAA


Est 1978
Nijmegen, a charming city in the eastern Netherlands, exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere that captivates visitors from the moment they arrive. Known as the country's oldest city, Nijmegen boasts a rich history, with ancient Roman ruins and medieval architecture dotting its landscape. The picturesque riverfront, featuring the Waal River, adds to the city's allure, providing a tranquil setting for leisurely walks and breathtaking views. Nijmegen's vibrant cultural scene, lively markets, and cozy cafes create an inviting ambiance that invites exploration and appreciation of its unique character. Whether strolling through the historic streets or enjoying the green spaces, Nijmegen offers a delightful escape, blending past and present harmoniously for an unforgettable experience.

NIjmegen GFC

The Netherlands

Est 2021
Belgium GAA was formed in 2003 and is currently one of the largest GAA clubs forming part of Gaelic Games Europe. Belgium GAA are the most successful club in European GAA and have won over 20 competitions at European level, claiming the Ladies Football, Hurling and Camogie European Championships in 2016. Both their Hurling and Camogie teams have been European Champions for the last four years in a row, while their Ladies Football team have been European Champions for the last nine.

Belgium GAA


Est 2003
The GAA club is closly linked to the TU Darmstadt and was established based on a University’s course with the aim to promote hurling and camogie in the region and among the students. Founded in 2014 we slowly developed and became the first entirely Non-Irish team to enter the European hurling championship. Of course we are open to anyone of any background or skill level.

Darmstadt GAA


Est 2015
Düsseldorf is a dynamic and sophisticated city located on the banks of the Rhine River in Germany. Renowned for its seamless blend of tradition and modernity, Düsseldorf beckons travelers with its captivating charm, rich history, and thriving contemporary scene.

Dusseldorf GFC


Est 2013
Europes first student run club. The Earls have gone from strength to strength since establishment in 2015. Winning many Pan-European and Benelux tournaments over 8 gorious years. The Earls celebrate the fact that they are the most diverse club in the Benelux.

Earls of Leuven


Est 2015
Gaelic football is a team sport of Irish origin, combining elements of soccer, rugby and basketball. While Gaelic Football is already one of the most popular folk sports in Ireland, more and more clubs in this country are turning to the unique sport. The Celtic sport can now be practiced in eleven clubs across Germany, including Eintracht Frankfurt.

Frankfurt Sarsfields


Est 2009
Hamburg GAA has been up and running since the summer of 2015, when like-minded people got together to expand on the great work of the GAA and bring the Gaelic Games to the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (‘Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg’). The club is open to everyone, regardless of gender, sporting history or fitness level, and full training is provided to all.

Hamburg GAA


Est 2015
The idea to start a GAA club in Maastricht originated in a conversation in John Mullins Irish Pub at the beginning of 2005 between Irish exiles, Shay O’Doherty (Tipperary), Chris Marley and Tony Bass (both from Dublin). They quickly began to recruit potential players amongst both locals and other international residents of the city and membership grew steadily. Just two weeks later, eleven players turned out for the first training session on April 13th. With over twenty players attending training every Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon in the local rugby club, Maastricht played their first European tournament in Luxembourg on May 28th, 2005. A ladies football team was also established

Maastricht Gaels

The Netherlands

Est 2004
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