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The club set-up guide 
Create a new club

This is a quick reference section to inform people about the process of starting a GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) club in Europe (excluding Ireland/UK) which would be under the remit of Gaelic Games Europe (GGE).

Starting a club couldn’t be easier; gather a few friends and a football or a few hurleys and head to the park for some fun – there, you’ve got the seeds of a new club. The next step is to build on that and encourage others to join in playing our great sports. Before long you may think about formalising the club and engaging with other clubs in competition.

When you feel you’re ready to make that step you will find some information and resources elsewhere on this website. To find out what shape your club will take, you can read about it HERE.

We have helped clubs to get started in almost every country in Europe and are happy to share our experience with you as you set out to form your own club and become part of the gaelic games community.

Feel free to contact our Development Officer for any advice you may need, just email us at: and/or complete the form at ‘Step 1’ below to begin the process.

The club set up process

Recieve feedback from ECB

Recieve an info pack

Formation of a club 

Have an AGM

Confirmation of official GAA club status

Set up of club IT services and admission to GGE tournaments

GGE confirms reciept of grant

Payment of GGE grant

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