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2024 Season Recap

The Benelux Gaelic Football League of 2024 has been nothing short of spectacular, with four fierce competition rounds and high-level play on display across the region.

The season kicked off in Amsterdam in March, moved to Eindhoven in April, then on to Maastricht in May, and concluded again in Maastricht in June. Each round brought its own set of thrilling matches.

In the men's league, Eindhoven made a strong statement with a flawless performance in Amsterdam, continued their form at home in Eindhoven, and solidified their supremacy in Maastricht, ultimately amassing an unprecedented 100 points overall.

The ladies league was equally captivating, with Belgium showcasing their prowess in the first two rounds. Groningen, however, provided a dramatic twist by clinching the final round, highlighting the competitive nature of the ladies' championship.

The Champions

Eindhoven Shamrocks - The unsinkable ship

Eindhoven A's triumph in the 2024 men's championship is a testament to their hard work, commitment, and positive attitude. Winning all four rounds and securing a perfect score of 100 points, they have etched their name into the annals of Benelux Gaelic football history.

This crusade through the leagues is quite shocking when the caliber of Benelux clubs is considered. Powerhouse clubs like Amsterdam, Craobh Rua in Belgium, and Luxembourg all fell short of containing the juggernaut that Eindhoven has become—a team that traditionally lingered in the mid-table, often battling through the shield with the other ‘small’ clubs of the Benelux.

Belgium: Continuing the Tradition In the Ladies' league

Belgium continued their tradition of excellence, capturing the championship title once again. It’s difficult to find a team in any sport to compare to the Belgium ladies' reign at the top. Their victories in the first two rounds set them apart as the team to beat. This win is not just a feather in their cap for 2024 but a continuation of their dominance that has been evident in past years. Belgium has been a powerhouse in not only Benelux ladies' football but European LGFA too! This regional win marks their 10th regional championship victory. Congrats to all involved!

Interesting Trends in 2024

Leuven: The rising Powerhouse

An intriguing trend this season has been the rise of Leuven as a formidable force in both men's and ladies' leagues. Leuven A finished second in the men's league with 60 points while their ladies narrowly missed out on third. These are the best results the Earls have ever recorded as they enter their decennial year.

In terms of players at tournaments, Leuven was also the biggest Club of the Year. Congratulations to them for drawing in the numbers.

The First Multi-City Round.

2024 also marked a historic first for the Benelux Gaelic Football League with the introduction of a multi-city round. The logistical challenges were met with great resolve and resulted in a round that truly brought the spirit of the game across the region. Eindhoven hosted the men, while the ladies went to battle in Dendermonde, Belgium.

Nijmegen Ladies title defense.

Nijmegen GFC, the youngest club in the Benelux, retains the Ladies Shield. In 2024, the Benelux Ladies Division faced a new challenge as they adopted 11-a-side for the first time. This progressive rule change, proposed by the Nijmegen Ladies at the Benelux AGM, sweetened the victory for the club, rewarding them for their training and planning.

Comhghairdeas, Cailíní!

Groningen's Final round victory.

Groningen emerged victorious in the final round of the ladies' championship. This win not only disrupted Belgium A's winning streak but also signaled the rise and return of Groningen as a serious contender. Their performance brings to mind the underdog stories cherished in Irish sports, such as Offaly's famous win over Kerry in the 1982 All-Ireland final. Groningen's success adds a new layer of excitement and unpredictability to the league. The Benelux looks forward to seeing more of Groningen in 2025.

Maastricht Gaels Go Above and Beyond with hosting in 2024.

A special thank you must be awarded to Maastricht Gaels for their relentless work in hosting. The challenges that face the Benelux are building every year, and hosting is not as simple as it used to be. Without hesitation, Maastricht saved the Benelux by hosting the final two rounds when facilities were few and far between.

Thank you, Maastricht Gaels!

Tony Bass, chairperson of the Benelux region, had this to say about the Benelux in 2024,

Benelux may have the longest history of organised Gaelic games on the continent but we are still the smallest GAA region in Europe. It’s a tribute to all involved that we are so vibrant with yet another year of highly competitive action. Congratulations to all our regional champions!
We created history yet again in 2024 with ladies football teams moving to 11 a side and introduced the first-ever regional 15’s championships in men’s & ladies football and hurling. I am immensely proud of all our dedicated club officials, players, coaches and referees for your commitment and work – thank you!

The Premier 15-a-side championship


The 15-a-side Gaelic Football championship will take place on 15/06.

The winners of the European 15's graduate to the Leinster Junior Championship.

This tournament has been dominated by Benelux clubs since it began, with the Amsterdam men's team winning the title seven times (2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2020, 2021, 2022), and Luxembourg once in 2017.

The ladies' competition has seen Belgium's team secure six victories (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015).

Maastricht Gaels have hosted this European fixture 10 out of 11 years!

2024 Benelux facts
  • Cup Winners - Eindhoven Shamrocks & Belgium

  • Shield Winners - Amsterdam CLG & Nijmegen

  • Plate - Cologne Celtics

  • Number of games played in 2024 - 148

  • Number of players overall rounds - 743 players

  • Number of teams overall rounds - 55

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